A group of yellow vest demonstrators blocked traffic on Westminster Bridge in London today to protest against Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal.

Around 60 people chanted “What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? NOW!” during the demonstration while Rule Britannia played on a loudspeaker.

One video shows the group allowing a black cab to pass but denying the same courtesy to an Uber driver.

Despite receiving a lot of traction on social media, the protest garnered very little mainstream press attention, with establishment journalists possibly wary of the protests growing.

According to Politicalite, the demonstrators plan on taking their cause to other cities across the UK.

“We’re gonna bring even more cities to a standstill, We all need to start doing this,” said James Goddard, adding, “There’s no funding, there’s no leader or political affiliation, this is real people taking action, without the help of people who are high up.”

“It’s about time the British people stood up to the tyranny of what’s going on in our establishment,” said Tracy Blackwell, who was also part of the protest.

“We the people have had enough of being used as cannon fodder by the Elite in this country,” she added.

Metropolitan Police said that no arrests occurred during the demonstration.


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