The Yellowstone National Park is a complex system, believed to have come into existence thanks to a family of volcanic events that occurred millions of years ago. About 630,000 years ago, a massive volcano eruption rattled the area, spewing miles of ash and rock, which eventually created the Yellowstone caldera.

Although most scientists suggest that Yellowstone currently lies atop of a mantle “hot spot”, there is still quite a bit of scientific debate about this theory.

However, two scientists, Peter Nelson and Stephen Grand from the University of Texas, claim they have found “strong evidence” that points to the presence of a massive magma plume, underneath Yellowstone.​

A plume is considered to be a theoretical abnormality, which is believed to be located at the boundary between the Earth’s mantle and its core, rising through the mantle into the Earth’s crust. In other words, a plume would likely exist as a vertical “fountain” of hot magma.

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