Anissa Haddadi
Business Insider
June 6, 2011

As Yemen is facing rapid and unprecedented changes, the country that was a year ago in the news mainly for being a haven for terrorism is not the number one priority of the U.S and the West anymore. So what happened to all the Yemeni Al-Qaeda fighters that are supposed to be in hiding on the country’s territory, have they fled to Libya?

The slowness and reluctance of the International community to confront the fragile political situation in Yemen surely raises questions as to why the troubled nation was portrayed as poverty stricken base for terrorists. This time last year Yemen was making the headlines as a dangerous state where Islamist fundamentalists were posing a threat to the regime but also to the region as a whole. Today however it seems that what happens in Yemen stays in Yemen as the International Community appears totally disinterested in the collapse of the government. So what caused this change of heart? Did Al-Qaeda really happen to be influential in the country or was it just an attempt to boost the American-led war on terror?

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