A Yemeni man in Sweden has been sentenced recently to 18 months probation and “treatment” for raping a 13-year-old girl.

The reason the man has dodged actual prison time and only has to pay about $17,000 to the small girl is because he claimed to be younger than his forged passport states and so can’t be put in jail, Expressen reports.

Although his Yemeni passport states he was born in 1996, he was apparently born in 1999 and supposedly forged his passport to make him appear older, so that he could leave Yemen. Had the court found that he was 19-years-old, it likely would have sentenced him anywhere from two to six years in prison.

The rape, which occurred at a park in Mariestad in April, has sparked outrage across all of Sweden for its obscenely lenient sentence, though the prosecutor is satisfied with the verdict.

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