For those of us who pay attention to these issues and don’t get our “news” from the discredited mainstream corporate fake news syndicate, the Wikileaks Vault 7 revelations that the U.S. government can use our devices to watch us and listen to us is old, but real news.

Infowars revealed this information more than a decade before the corrupt mainstream media got around to reporting on it.

Is there a Pulitzer Prize nomination forthcoming?

An apology for mocking this bombshell of truth as a paranoid conspiracy theory?

Of course not!

As it becomes increasingly clear that yesterday’s conspiracy theories are today’s real news, the call to kill the messengers just gets more shrill and hysterical.

The attacks on free speech with high-tech censorship campaigns and old-fashioned hit pieces are massive and concerted.

The book burners are starting so many fires it’s impossible to stamp them all out.

What are the horrible thought crimes committed by Infowars?

Infowars has consistently exposed the lies and crimes of our corrupt and broken institutions.

Infowars passionately and convincingly made the case that The Patriot Act literally reversed the gains to human liberty codified in The Bill of Rights.

Infowars dismantled the lies that were presented as the pretexts to the invasion of Iraq. (The same lies aggressively promoted by Hillary Clinton and The New York Times)

Infowars was interviewing NSA whistleblowers who were accurately describing how the U.S. government was illegally spying on its citizens and retaining our data, and how these whistleblowers were being persecuted by their own government for coming forward and refusing to break the law.

This was years before anyone heard of Edward Snowden.

Amazingly, there was very little interest in these bombshell allegations in the mainstream press.

It’s hard to believe now, but in those days, people who claimed the government was surveilling innocent citizens were dismissed as paranoid by the self-proclaimed arbiters of truth at the NYT and CNN.

Infowars detailed a decade ago how police forces all over America were becoming militarized and predicted that this dangerous trend would lead to racially charged conflict on the streets of the nation. What kooks!

Infowars has railed against; torture, needless wars, police brutality, government corruption, the two-party duopoly, the criminality of the banksters and the end of privacy.

Now the very same mainstream media hacks who promoted the lies that lead to war in Iraq and Syria and mindlessly regurgitate whichever talking point is uploaded onto their teleprompter are gleefully assassinating Infowars using edited tape and misleading hit-pieces.

While these discredited war cheerleaders lie about why our sons and daughters are sent to die, Infowars bravely exposes the fraudulent casus belli they traitorously and disgracefully promote.

While these corporate spokespeople work for the interests of the oil and drug companies and political forces that pay their salaries, Infowars risks everything to expose the crimes and scams of these same broken institutions.

Infowars has been consistently committed to the causes of non-intervention and freedom.

It’s hard to quantify, but I know my career has suffered from my association with Infowars.

Judging by social media posts, over 90 percent of my colleagues despise Infowarriors.

Writing this piece will probably hurt my reputation among potential clients and not help me.

I have heard Infowarriors called white-supremacists, racists, Neo-Nazis and worse.

These disgraceful, unsubstantiated smears and slanders have also been directed at yours truly and my friends and I don’t f-ing appreciate it!

If I have to endure one more supercilious rant on social media consisting of regurgitated talking points I am going to throw up.

It’s interesting to me that the people calling Infowars paranoid and hysterical are the same people who post pieces claiming that Russia controls our country and that Trump is literally Hitler.

These are two of the most ridiculous and paranoid mass delusions in the history of conspiracy theories, yet the Hillary camp passionately embraces and defends these fantasies.

Their hypocrisy is exposed on numerous fronts, but the fact that most of them voted for Mrs. Clinton automatically knocks them off their high-horses in my book.

Newsflash: If you supported Hillary Clinton, you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CLAIM THE MORAL HIGH GROUND.

In your defense, you probably were not aware of the extent of her corruption since the mainstream news sources you worship were colluding with the DNC and Clinton campaign to hide them from you while Infowars was exposing the truth.

I think Infowars has a done a great public service by exposing the deceptive, psychological methods used by the ruling elite to warp historical narratives, manipulate patriotism and manufacture consent.

By helping us to recognize and suspend our belief in propaganda and therefore our own complicity in it, Infowars is helping to create a public awareness to the tactics our enemies use to keep us divided, steal our rights and slaughter countless innocents all over the world.

I know it’s fun and easy to call us tin-foil-hat wearers, or whatever pejorative has been chosen for you today, but let’s be clear about whose dirty work you are doing.

Infowars is in direct competition with the mainstream media for revenue and the MSM want to control the information we are exposed to.

They are waging a concerted demonization campaign aimed at destroying one of the dominant platforms exposing the lies and crimes of their corporate and deep-state masters and many of you are helping them do it.

The MSM is an enemy of the truth and of the people.

Do we have the will and power to destroy our enemy?

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