David Kramer
October 7, 2010

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The diseased minds that run Microsoft are proposing that individuals should not be allowed to log on to the internet unless they have a “health certificate” that proves that their personal computers are virus-free. (Gee, I “wonder” which corporation will develop the software for this mandatory certificate? Hmmm.) Now I have no problem with internet service providers voluntarily taking the initiative on their own if they felt that this non-problem was a real problem. But my guess is that this proposal will eventually become a control run by the government to prevent certain undesirables (like lewrockwell.com bloggers perhaps?) from having access to the internet. This is just another new “fear” tactic to shove down the sheeple’s throats to gain more censorship and power by the One World Government crowd.

To paraphrase Chief Justice John Marshall, “The power to government certify is the power to control.”

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