Peter Santilli
May 12, 2010

Almost every US Corporation will do and say anything to keep us spending money, regardless of what they know about the fragility of our entire financial system.  Bankster’s are now using world governments as patsies to commit the largest heist in world history.  Stealing a trillion dollars from US citizens proved to be too difficult, as they had to receive congressional approval to bail themselves out.  They’re recent scam involves using central banks to bypass democracy & funnel money to offshore entities without oversight.

So-called financial experts and analysts in the U.S. who never warned us about the financial/debt crisis are now putting out propaganda regarding our risk and exposure to the EU bailout.   If you don’t see what’s happening, let me reveal it to you:  Banksters are skirting US regulation & the US Constitution to ship money offshore to foreign central banks.  The US Treasury is the pawn Bankster’s have chosen to filter $50 billion to the IMF —–  like a thief in the night.  Bankster’s will never tell you the truth about our economic outlook because if they did, we’d all default on our mortgage loans and stop spending money altogether.

The US Government doesn’t want you to know the truth either, nor do they want you to know that they’re funneling taxpayer money to foreign banks.

The US Treasury has evaded the direct questions I’ve asked them about why, and on what authority they’ve given $50 billion dollars to foreign Bankster’s. (In fact, almost every time I called the US Treasury press office to speak to someone, it seemed as though their office is run by disorganized teenagers who fumble with the phone, mumble incoherent excuses as to why my questions couldn’t be answered, and when I finally reached a responsible person, they sent me a list of talking points that never answered my questions directly.)

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Ladies and Gentleman, the Banking system has bought-and-paid-for laws that allow them to skirt regulation & oversight, and they’ve built one of the largest powder kegs that’ll destroy the entire global economy; the $700 trillion derivative’s scam.

You see, derivative’s are ticking time bombs that should actually be called “insurance”, but by calling them something else (like derivative’s), Bankster’s are able to get around the regulatory system set up for the insurance industry to minimize risk. Now, we have a $700 trillion ticking time bomb that was built without oversight, regulation, and accountability. (If you don’t know how much $700 trillion dollars is, Google  “GDP of the global economy” — the entire world GDP is estimated at $70 trillion).  As these risky insurance policies (called derivatives) have to be paid out, Bankster’s are losing their shirts, and now they’re extorting trillions more in bailout funds to cover what they knew all along were bad, risky bets.

The US Treasury is merely as high-rollin gambler with the audacity to give foreign Bankster’s $54 billion of our hard earned taxpayer dollars. What’s worse, they have an incurable gambling addiction don’t know when to stop borrowing money to offset their losses.

The Treasury is lying to you when they say   “The IMF has ample financing…”  No, Ladies and Gentlemen, there are no countries or banks that have enough money to cover the $700 Trillion dollars in bad bets that were allowed to be placed.   The US Treasury is merely trying to cover their betting losses, and do so by going around the American people.  The New World Order has been set up to avoid the US Constitution.

We cannot afford $50 billion dollars to cover a Bankster/government gambling problem.  We cannot afford to let any government agency raid the safe and throw money to foreigners without accountability to the American taxpayer.

If it’s legal; just remember who paid the politicians to pass laws that allowed them to get away with it.

Our government has been corrupted by Banksters, and we need to get rid of both entities if they chose to continue stealing from us.

Wake up people. When are we going to Storm the Bastille?   They’ve destroyed the US financial system, now they’ve moved on to implode the entire Global Economy.


Imf Fact Sheet 5.12

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