A renowned conservative artist unveiled a new painting showing President Trump standing on the White House lawn scolding the fake news media, portrayed as a group of sadistic clowns.

Artist Jon McNaughton presented his new masterpiece titled “You Are Fake News” on social media Wednesday, showing a gaggle of reporters, including fake news icons like CNN’s Jim Acosta, plastered in clown attire as Trump chastises them with Marine One and the Washington Monument in the background.

Famous clown characters like “Pennywise” from IT and Heath Ledger’s “Joker” are seen among the press pool.

McNaughton has commissioned several notable conservative works, including a painting of Trump and his Cabinet crossing the DC “Swamp,” akin to George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware.

A painting of “Slick Willie” Bill Clinton wearing a shockingly familiar blue dress and heels was discovered in Jeffrey Epstein’s possession.

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