A St. Louis coloring book company looks to educate small children about ISIS and other terror groups with graphic images.

“We are re-releasing our [coloring] books on terrorism,” announced Wayne Bell, founder of the St. Louis-based publisher Really Big Coloring Books, in a video statement this week.

“[Our books] tell the truth, they tell it often, and they tell the children,” he continued. “These are books that actually explain what’s going on today…We’re trying to educate the country on these animals, these brutal people, these terrible humans on the planet called ISIS, these terrorists.”

It’s rare that you find a company with a name as delightfully fitting and obvious as Really Big Coloring Books. And in addition to titles like Superheroes of the Bibleand the Fairies & Princesses, the publisher dabbles in political—and sometimes controversial—coloring materials for kids. Their September 11th coloring book “We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom,” published in 2011, was slammed as anti-Muslim propaganda and “disaster porn” aimed at small children.

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