Dan Roth
AOL Autos
February 7, 2010

[efoods]It seems like it could be a storyline out Steven Spielberg’s 2002 movie, Minority Report: a Minnesota man was convicted of a DUI offense in a car that wasn’t moving. What’s even more surprising: the car wouldn’t start at all.

As it turns out, getting a bit tipsy and stumbling out of the house to sleep it off in the car may make you a felon. It happened to Daryl Fleck.

That he’d consumed about twelve beers is not in dispute. His felony conviction for drunk driving, even though his car was not running and legally parked, has earned him 48 months in custody and five years of probation.

It started one night in 2007, when when a neighbor at Fleck’s apartment complex alerted police, they found him sleeping in his car, with the driver’s side door still open.

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