Top podcaster Joe Rogan laid into Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden over his slipping cognitive ability despite his recent Super Tuesday surge.

Rogan specifically cited a recent clip of Biden attempting to quote the Declaration of Independence during a rambling campaign speech earlier this week, referring to God as “the thing.”

“Stop. Pause. You can’t be President,” Rogan said. “Listen, we can’t play any games here, folks. This is a really old man who can’t talk…This should get you into a mental hospital.”

As Joe surged ahead of the Democrat field on what he called “Super Thursday,” so too did criticism by the far-left of his mental faculties and policy positions.

On Saturday, #HellNoJoe trended on Twitter, resulting in a deluge of embarrassing clips and compilations circulating social media showing Biden stuttering, slipping, gaffing, and appearing to demonstrate bouts of dementia.

Additionally, #WhereIsJoe also trended after Biden spoke for only seven minutes during a rally in Missouri on Saturday, where he still managed to fumble words and accidentally let slip a possible endorsement by failed 2020 Democrat candidate Kamala Harris.

The Michigan primary will take place on Tuesday, where Biden is polling at 29%, with socialist rival Bernie Sanders trailing at 23%.




You won’t believe how mentally focused Biden was just 12 yrs ago. A look at Biden then & now clearly shows dementia. And a look at how old this field of candidates is compared to past Presidents?

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