The American people are tired of being told to stay home and shut up.

As local governments test the limits of consumers and small business owners, state and federal leaders like Governor Greg Abbott and President Donald Trump have signaled their willingness to get Americans back to work and the economy up and running.

This weekend, Texans of all stripes will assemble outside the capitol building in Austin, Texas, to protest the authoritarian lockdown orders being imposed by petty tyrants at the local level.

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Join Infowars this Saturday, April 18th, 2020 from 12PM-2PM Central, for an assembly outside the capitol building petitioning lawmakers to reopen businesses in the Lone Star State.

Show the globalists, including eugenicist Bill Gates, the World Health Organization and the CDC, that they can’t suspend freedom in America at a mere whim, and that they can’t force us to wear face masks like the people in Communist China, from whence the Wuhan coronavirus originated.

We look forward to seeing you out there!

As coronavirus lockdowns continue to get extended, Americans all over the country are standing up for their constitutional rights: from churches to ordinary citizens, everyone is taking a stand.

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