You Can’t Watch This, a bombshell documentary that reveals the damage done to society by Big Tech censorship, is available now exclusively at

And because of this censorship, it’s critical now to actually own a hard copy of this documentary in your personal library because you know it’s going to get removed from the Internet over and over again due to its damning revelations.

Here’s a trailer of the film:


Your public library is also going to need a copy of this documentary so more people can learn what the powers-that-be don’t want them to know.

Don’t lie to yourself, you are a critical asset in spreading awareness. Yes, YOU. You’re important in this battle to share revolutionary ideas. Don’t let society convince you that you’re just an automaton inside a consumerist culture. You’re a trailblazer in the mass awakening in humanity.

And that’s why we need your help in defeating censorship.

It’s available exclusively at Get your copy today!

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