Newly leaked footage shows the chaos unfolding on New Year’s Eve in Cologne during the mass migrant molestation of women that led to a police cover-up and a huge shift in the narrative behind the refugee crisis.

The clip shows terrified women screaming “you must not touch me!” outside the city’s main train station as migrants scuffle with outnumbered police officers while fireworks are set off in every direction.

“F**k the police,” shout the migrants as they break through police roadblocks.

“We can’t hold this with two people,” one of the officers insists, offering further proof of the fact that not enough police were sent to deal with the unrest.

The footage also confirms an eyewitness report by a hotel security guard who said police told him the scene resembled a “civil war”.

Despite the unprecedented chaos, the German media failed to report on the attacks for days, with police subsequently “ordered to remove the word “rape” from their initial report.”

Accounts of the hundreds of sexual assaults, which were committed by predominantly Muslim migrants, circulated on social media almost immediately.

Cologne’s pro-refugee Mayor Henriette Reker responded to the incident by trying to absolve Muslim migrants of blame and was derided for suggesting that women prevented further attacks by keeping the men at “arm’s length”.

Prosecutors have received 1,170 crime reports, with 492 dealing with sexual assault, although no one has yet been convicted on sexual assault charges. One man was acquitted because the victim could not “unambiguously identify him”.

Leftist media outlets initially attempted to dismiss the story by pointing out that most of the attackers had lived in Germany for years and were not newly arrived migrants.

In other words, they were Muslims who had supposedly been “integrated” into Germany’s new multicultural utopia and were showing it by attempting to shove their fingers inside terrified women’s vaginas.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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