Trace Mayer
How to Vanish
June 13, 2012

The issue of camera cell phone privacy is extremely important in today’s age and far-reaching. Many cell phone cameras by default and automatically reveal tremendous amounts of information such as the physical location of a picture, time, date, cell phone model, etc. Additionally, a number of phone companies and facilities along with laws and implementations have increased so much in recent times that it is often difficult to keep up on what privacy protections you have.

Begin with checking the kind of subscriber information you are providing to a company for services. Some employees and hackers have a tendency of using such private information for nefarious purposes. You might use a ghost address. A pre-paid cell phone or SIM card can greatly increase your cell phone security and privacy. A super ninja trick would be to use a pre-paid wireless service paid for with bitcoins.

Some networks give you the option of recharging your phone continuously without asking you for private information. But this habit may not be most effective if you change your pre-paid connections often in order to maintain privacy and escape notice of any miscreant. For example, you could use a Google Voice number, although anything with Google may be problematic for privacy concerns, to forward to your mobile phone number and then you could get different SIM cards every few months.

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