Here’s a handy translation guide of establishment talking points:

What the Establishment Says          What They Really Mean

Gun Arsenal                                                  Gun Collection

Undocumented Immigrant                        Illegal Alien

Heavily Armed                                             Well-Protected

Investment for the Future                         Taxes

Your ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes                         Theft

“Common-Sense” Gun Control               Gun Confiscation

Non-viable Tissue Mass                           Unborn Baby

Affordable Care Act                                  Obamacare

Obamacare                                                 Socialism

Equal Access to Opportunity                  Socialism

Social Progress                                          Socialism

Progressive, Change                                More Government

“The Science Has Spoken”                     We Funded Scientists to Come to a Predetermined Result

Irresponsible Parents                              Homeschoolers

Anti-Vaxxers                                             Parents Who Think For Themselves

High Capacity Magazine                        Standard Capacity Magazine

Religious Fundamentalist                     God-Fearing Individual

The Rich                                                    Employers

The Gun Lobby                                        Second Amendment Advocates

Assault Weapon                                      Semi-Automatic Rifle

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