President-elect Trump’s White House transition team has vowed to go lobbyist-free, after coming under criticism for staffing up on lobbyists despite campaign promises to fight the influence of special interests in Washington.

Vice President-elect Pence and the White House transition have signaled plans to clear out any lobbyists serving in official roles as they begin the 10-week transition process until Trump’s inaugration on Jan. 20, according to a report from Fox News.

Throughout Trump’s campaign, he vowed to “drain the swamp,” a reference to special interest and lobbying groups trying to influence the legislative and executive branches. But as the transition team was announced, commentors pointed out that it was filled with individuals who had worked as lobbyists.

The initial transition was set up by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, but he was replaced as leader last week. Those put in place by his successor, Vice President-elect Pence, are vowing to get rid of lobbyists.

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