Steve Watson,
Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009

Youth Corps In Action As Explorer Scouts Seen Policing Christmas Parade 081209youthsIn the wake of reports that Explorer Scouts are being “trained in post-9/11 law enforcement methods“, a group of youngsters have been captured on video working in tandem with police in St. Petersburg, Florida, at a christmas fair.

We Are Change activists spotted the group roaming the streets during the parade, clearly wearing clothing adorned with police insignia.

When the group were asked what they were doing at the parade, the lead scout became extremely secretive about their association with the local police department and attempted to hide their badges and jackets.

The group described themselves as “very similar” to academy police, and told the activists that they were “looking for lost kids”.

[efoods]“We are affiliated with them but we do not have the powers of police… we are a part of the department I guess.” the leader of the group told We Are Change, adding that they routinely ride along with officers on active duty.

The young girl seemed to back track after continued questioning, later stating “it is a volunteer organisation, it has nothing to do with the police.”

However, the squad of 14-19 year olds stood to attention, military style, when a police officer arrived on the scene, with lowly “green shirts” ordered to take the back of the line.

“If we went into Martial law or a state of emergency, they’re here to protect everyone else.” one of the other members of the group said when asked why he wanted to be affiliated with the police.

When asked if they had heard of the Hitler Youth, the at-first voluntary but later mandatory youth corps brigade that succeeded the Boy Scout movement In Nazi Germany, the scouts replied that they had.

Police officers in St. Petersburg refused to answer questions regarding the squad of scouts.

Watch the video:

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