March 23, 2009

YouTube has deleted ChangeDaChannel’s honors formerly attached to Alex Jones’ high quality encode of The Obama Deception in a crass effort to knock the film’s ratings down, an obvious effort by Google’s YouTube to make sure people remain unaware of and do not watch the video. In essence — and not unlike the old Soviet Union — YouTube is acting as a political police goon squad for the establishment, attempting to make sure as few people as possible see this important documentary.

YouTube and Google Video are notorious for censoring and fudging view results on Alex Jones films and other films including Loose Change and NufffRespect’s hugely popular Question Your Reality video. For more on the mechanics behind Google’s censorship, see Google Censorship — How It Works.

It is important that The Obama Deception get out to as many people as possible and that is why Alex has allowed the film to be posted on the internet. ChangeDaChannel has the best high quality encode of the film and this needs to go viral.

Please watch the film below and order your copy of the DVD today. Now that Obama’s drones are on the street and going door-to-door in order to high pressure you into supporting the banker scam that will indenture our former republic to the international bankers for generations to come, it is vitally important you get a copy of this film, make copies, and pass them out to your family and neighbors so they will be ready to respond when Obama’s little Maoists come knocking on your door.

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