Media giant YouTube caved to the liberal outrage mob and deleted the channel of independent reporter Harrison Smith after leftwing outlet Media Matters published a hit piece slamming his cutting-edge reports.

Follow Harrison’s Twitter account while you still can.

Watch and share the videos below that the hysterical left deemed too dangerous to watch!

Gruesome Tiananmen Square Truth Revealed

Thirty years ago, China’s communist government brought the student protests at Tiananmen Square to a brutal and bloody end. This special report provides cutting-edge insight into the tragic incident.

Parents Sue School For Transgender Brainwashing

Urgent report breaking down parents’ legal battle over protecting children from a sexually-explicit curriculum.

Essential Weekly Wrap Up

Powerful breakdown of stories the MSM hasn’t touched!

To thwart Big Tech’s efforts, be sure to follow the Off Limits Twitter account and Harrison’s Bitchute channel.

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