Google-owned YouTube decided to censor Project Veritas’ viral video exposing Pinterest for allegedly censoring “pro-life and Christian content” by pulling the video down for “privacy violations.”

Twitter also temporarily suspended Project Veritas from posting “for tweeting internal communications from Pinterest which show them calling Ben Shapiro a ‘white supremacist,'” James O’Keefe said.

Michael Zimmerman joins Alex Jones live in studio to show and prove how, contrary to Democrat attorneys and judges, Infowars has no alleged ‘Sandy Hook marketing’ and makes no money from Sandy Hook video views, which happen to be less than 1% of all views.

The privacy complaint was due to Project Veritas identifying two Pinterest employees allegedly involved in the censorship decisions at 3:40 to 4:07 in their video:

You can watch the video here:

Leftist outlets like The Daily Beast are allowed to dox private citizens for sharing memes with total impunity, but investigative journalism exposing Big Tech is not allowed.

On his show Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson interviewed Pinterest whistleblower, software engineer Eric Cochran, who was swiftly fired after their exposé came out:

You can donate to Cochran’s GoFundMe to help him out. He’s likely going to be blacklisted from all the Big Tech companies as happened with James Damore because these companies are effectively a cartel which collude with one another.

Carlson also interviewed Live Action’s Lila Rose, whose site was blacklisted as “porn” and then today totally banned by Pinterest.

“This is the biggest mistake of their lives,” O’Keefe said.

Note, YouTube made this decision as congress is currently holding antitrust hearings to investigate Big Tech.

Big Tech’s incredible arrogance may be their undoing.

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