Google-owned YouTube sensationally CENSORED a video on its network for ostensibly nothing more than the video containing criticism of CNN.

Popular conservative YouTuber Mark Dice, who has well over a million subscribers, revealed today how his original video, entitled, “This is CNN,” had been completely removed from YouTube, with the company claiming it contained “misleading” information.

“My video exposing CNN for being fake news was taken down by YouTube saying that I was fake news,” said Dice, adding that YouTube didn’t give him a community or copyright strike, they simply set the video to “private,” making it invisible to the public.

After Dice encouraged his fans to “tweet storm” YouTube’s customer service, the video was restored. It can be viewed below (unless it gets censored again).

The justification that the video was removed because it was “misleading” is of course completely subjective and opens up a chilling new precedent of YouTube censoring videos for containing opinions that contradict leftist narratives.

“Everything the anti-Trump mainstream media is doing only backfires, and makes them look worse. They’re so desperate and pathetic they’re just digging themselves deeper in a hole every day,” Dice told Infowars.

“After the 2016 election, the Establishment realized YouTube wasn’t just for funny cat videos or even posting news clips, but that people were developing careers on the platform as independent news analysts and commentators which only serves to erode the viewership and credibility of mainstream media even more, so we’re seen as a huge problem,” he added.

CNN faced a firestorm of criticism after Donald Trump tweeted the infamous WWE meme, resulting in CNN tracking down and threatening to doxx the creator of the meme.

YouTube was also on the receiving end of a backlash earlier this year when it began mass demonitization of videos that were deemed to be non-advertiser friendly. The purge included a substantial amount of political commentary.

Now the corporate media is apparently closing ranks with Google to censor dissenting viewpoints against CNN.

Watch Dice’s original “This is CNN” video below.


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