Google-owned YouTube has been caught meddling in the Swedish national election on the eve of the vote by repeatedly deleting right-wing content.

A satirical cartoon video that lampooned Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was deleted within two hours after YouTube deemed it to contain “hateful” content.

The short film, entitled “To Make it Right,” made fun out of numerous Swedish politicians for their obsession with being politically correct. Apparently, this now qualifies as hate speech in the Scandinavian country.

According to a separate report, right-wing Alternative For Sweden party, which had its entire channel deleted and then restored by YouTube in July, has also had numerous videos made unavailable for viewing in Sweden.

“Complete scandal! With only 13 days left until the election day, YouTube is again on the offensive and censors all options for Sweden’s video clips,” the party said in a tweet.

Earlier this month, a video by the Sweden Democrats, who are expected to perform well at the polls, was also deleted without explanation.

The video, which consisted of an hour and 40 minutes of quotes and historical background on the Social Democrats party and its links to Nazism, was wiped after receiving over 190,000 views.

“For two days our documentary on the history of the Social Democrats was published on YouTube. In a short amount of time the footage received 190,000 views before it was removed. We are waiting for an explanation,” the party said in a Twitter statement.

The deletions all occurred after Swedish corporate media group Bonnier met with Google and demanded they remove “hateful” content.

Given the power of social media giants to influence opinion, Google-owned YouTube has shown a repeated pattern of interfering in the upcoming Swedish election.

The company is in violation of its own terms of service by allowing brigading by left-wing mobs to censor completely legitimate content.

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