Brian D. Hill
Federal Jack
April 15, 2010

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Another Notice: If you don’t want to live in a police state I suggest boycott Google after calling them and telling them that until they stop the SMS verification or make it optional that you won’t ever use a Google product or else one day Google may require a Social Security Number just to use an account. 🙁

Notice: I only changed IPs to test the theory of YouTube requiring all to submit SMS information. It is not for abuse and I do not condone people changing IPs for abuse. I only did this to verify YouTubes new policy. This was not to escape any bans but simply to verify that YouTube is requiring all to submit personal information that could also be tracked by the CIA and government sponsored disinfo trolls.

Now if you are simply a regular person, not a spammer, and not a multiple account creator that just wants a Google or YouTube account, your out of luck without giving out your cell phone number or regular phone number to their authorities (aka the youtube police). YouTube has become a phone number collector which means they can give police, FBI, and CIA peoples private phone numbers if you use Google.

We have now discovered after receiving complaints and reports from both the silenced YouTube activist and other sources that YouTube now requires all future Google and YouTube Registrant users to verify their accounts via SMS or Voice Call (only available in certain countries). To test this we were able to trick YouTube using multiple IPs but each registration we tested out requires SMS Verification. We will input the log of testing different IPs of manually registering for YouTube but each totally unique IP, after we cleared both the flash cookies and all data from firefox each time, and even though we looked totally unique YouTube or Google knew a different IP was registering but it again required me to give out my cell phone number or phone number.

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