Adan Salazar
June 26, 2013

Embracing the true spirit of censorship, YouTube earlier this year seemingly began omitting search results that would have allowed curious users to stumble upon Alex Jones’ prescient review of the popular film World War Z, a review we put out several months in advance of the film’s debut.

Since at least March, the Infowars crew began noticing our video, hosted on our main channel’s sister channel “PrisonPlanetLive,” would not display as a result when searched using practical queries, such as the title of the video, “secrets of world war z leaked,” or “secrets of world war z.”

As freely allows others to copy and host our videos ad infinitum, other users’ mirrored videos do populate as search results; however, our initial video exposing the United Nations propaganda-laden film is nowhere to be found.

We encourage our readers not to take our word, but to try the search for themselves.

In order for our video to populate as a search result, a more refined search, one including the channel name “PrisonPlanetLive” or “PrisonPlanet,” is needed. Additionally, “world war z secrets leaked” also lists our video as a search result. reached out to YouTube earlier today for comment regarding the apparent censorship, but have not heard back from them. Should they issue a response, we will update this article to reflect their statement.

As we were particularly careful to abide by YouTube’s Terms of Service, we are at a loss as to why our hosted video is being censored. One plausible explanation could be that our video has proven immensely popular and has been viewed over a quarter of a million times.

In January, after reading Max Brooks’ novel, Alex and his staff put together a video breaking down the classic modes of propaganda used in the story to acclimate large audiences on the proper way to move themselves into the system in case of a bio attack.

Watch the video YouTube is omitting from search results:

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