YouTube has restored a censored video that questioned the America-hating narrative behind the hit song This is America after online pressure.

The video asked why a narrative that was focused around African-Americans being killed did not include the fact that 90% of black people in America are killed by other black people.

The response video also tackled the original video’s theme that Republicans care more about guns than victims of gun violence.

The original video, which depicted a man being shot in the head and group of gospel singers being massacred with an AK-47, was not even age restricted, meaning it could be viewed by children. The video was also deemed “advertiser friendly”.

YouTube has also been aggressively promoting the video for nearly two weeks, enabling it to go viral with over 128 million views.

My response video censored the graphic violence shown in the original, but was restricted anyway.

After a matter of hours, the video was quarantined in what has come to be known as the “Goolag,” where it can’t be shared, commented on or liked, which kills any chance of the video going viral.

However, after online pressure and media coverage, YouTube restored the original video.

It would be an awful shame if the video now went viral. Please share it via the link below.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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