Roger Wiegand
November 2, 2009

[efoods]The stats and growth prognostications from tout television, New York banksters, our Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, and various U.S. Government fiscally incestuous cabal members are replete with liars, exaggerators, and crooked politicians. The U.S. Government and several others are economically dead; they just haven’t admitted it yet.

The United States’ financial affairs are an empty burning hulk of disaster.

There is not enough taxing power, stealing power, money and bond-printing power on this globe for these dudes to worm their way out of a major collapse. It may take some time, but its coming for sure. There is no way out except to inflate. And, we know how that one ends. Read about Germany’s hyper-inflation of 1921-1922.

We are not yelling fire in this theatre of the absurd but rather giving an untenable situation the cold, blank, fishy-eyed stare of an auditor. Two and two isn’t 20 and never will be. Most everyone is broke and going broker. Even those with no debt and holding supposedly strong assets in government paper and real estate reside in quicksand. Why, because these assets are only worth what a buyer will pay for them on any given day. And, on this day, most asset values are plummeting.

There is simply way too much debt, way too little cash and credit, and an astounding inability to pay the bills.

The stock and bond markets are one big phony scam with the exception of those holding hard asset reserves in precious metals. Food and energy assets roll up and down like a yo-yo along with the latest media fiction and last quote on the dollar. Oil and gas reserves along with real food as in grain, meat, vegetables, etc. have true value. This value is volatile as it relates to fiat currencies being diminished by the hour as governments race to manufacture new money using computers and printing presses.

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