Mark Zuckerberg may have been out and about in Alabama as part of a tour to ‘talk to more people about how they’re living, working and thinking about the future’ in each of the 50 states.

But he and his wife Priscilla Chan had no desire to talk to anyone on Monday night while dining in Birmingham restaurant OvenBird, with his team calling ahead to instruct staff to take no photos and refrain from speaking to him during his meal.

The Facebook founder kicked things off by spending an afternoon with shrimp boat captains in Mobile on Sunday, and in the three days since has spoken with former death row inmate Anthony Ray Hinton, the staff of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, famed college football coach Nick Saban, and a handful of athletes and students at the University of Alabama.

But the restaurant was asked to seat the 32-year-old billionaire in a private room that separated him from fellow diners, a request that seems to defeat the purpose of his visit to the state.

Zuckerberg was back in a more social and jovial mood the next night however while out to dinner in Mississippi with Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, perhaps because the Oscar-winning actor picked up the tab for the group according to their waitress.

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